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The Blogger, The Bus and The Bad Timing.

Posted on September 30, 2016

The Blogger, The Bus and The Bad Timing.

Well good afternoon all you Cube Furniture blog readers and today I will be sharing the story of my morning – a morning that will go down in history as the story of the Blogger The Bus and The Bad Timing.

So my morning began in typical fashion waking up (reluctantly I must admit as my pillow seemed more comfy than usual) and headed downstairs to eat my toast and cup of coffee at the Cube Dining Table before proceeding to get ready for work.

So after getting ready and heading out I approached the shop where I buy my lunch for work and I see my bus parked up in the bus station – this jarred me a little however after looking at my watch I saw that it was only 10 past 7 and it doesn’t usually come until 25 past.

So I proceeded to get my lunch and head for the station and the bus pulled away – 10 minutes before it was to set off. So oh great I’m late for work however not one to waste a good opportunity I returned home and decided that I would have an hour cat nap in my Cuba Bed as there was no point in waiting around town for all for the next bus for that long.

Any who an hour later a bright and bouncy mad blogger proceeded to catch the bus and arrive at the bus station where the second bus I needed to get was in the station with its lights off.

Right I thought I got a few minutes and realising that I had left my snacks in the Indian Sheesham Wood Sideboard and needed something to nibble on through the day before my lunchtime panini.

So after proceeding to get some healthy snacks (yeah I’m kind of pretentious like that)I get to the bus stop in plenty of time and the bus I want pulls away ….. Again!

However a few hours later I arrived and proceeded to write this Indian Sheesham Furniture blog and upload it to the Cube Furniture site because despite the annoying parts this is quite the blogging topic.