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Posted on January 22, 2018

Cube Sheesham Furniture

Hello there Cube Sheesham readers, it has been a while since the last blog hasn’t it?

Apologies for that everybody as while you were all eagerly awaiting my next 300 or so word piece about the wonderful world of Sheesham Wood Furniture; I went through an unfortunate case of writers block.

You see the unfortunate reality of being a writer or any sort of creative, be it art, writing or acting having confidence in what you’re doing is essential.

This is because having confidence in your creative task is essential not just for motivation but also for getting the absolute maximum out of what you’re doing.

Say you are creating origami models at a Cube Sheesham Coffee Table, with motivation and confidence in what you are doing you can create truly stunning pieces of design.

However if with every fold you have self-doubt in what you are doing mistakes will come and you will end up not delivering what you could.

This is the situation I found myself in as while sat at my Cube Sheesham overhearing my writing being discusses, hearing the words ‘unreadable’ and ‘not good quality’ regarding my work.

Now as a creative there is one thing that you absolutely must understand, you will be critiqued. However I was hearing this from someone who doesn’t write for a living and is probably judging based upon a small sample size.

This generated a complete loss in confidence, unable to think how to spin a Cube Sheesham TV Unit into a fun article for all you readers.

This was such the case that I couldn’t even bring myself to write a reflective piece for one of my side projects, as I questioned my abilities while sat in front of the Cuba Sheesham Coffee Table.

However after a whole week of reflection, I decided that I would try and write something, anything this week to rebuild what was lost.

Hence this week’s blog about which as really helped me regain my confidence in my writing ability.