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Cuba Spice

Posted on October 4, 2016

Cuba Spice

You know sometimes rooms can lose a bit of their character over time, this is something of an inevitable reality with furniture due to its low turnover rate – after all how often are you going to replace an Indian Sideboard, once every 5 – 10 years maybe depending on weather it holds up.

However sometimes for that time when you need to upgrade your Indian Wood Furniture, what direction do you go to really inject some new vigour into your living room, bedroom or study. There are many options available.

Well one sure fire way to revamp a tired room is with Cuba Furniture.

So what is it that makes this the way to and some spice to a tired design, well first it is the fact that each piece of the Cuba range from the Cuba TV Stand to the Cube Bookcase are all made from Indian Sheesham Wood which adds a dash of exclusivity to any room design – after all how many people have a Solid Indian Wood Coffee Table.

Of course this is not the only element that Cuba Furniture will add some spice to your home furniture design, the second element is the range of finishes that Cuba Furniture comes in.

This range is available in 3 different finishes that are designed to match any style, these include the natural finish which maintains the woods natural colour as well as the light finish which features accentuated wood streaks and a vibrant tone, with the top spot arguably going to the honey finish which literally comes out and grabs you with its rich wood tones that spice up even the dullest of decors.

With this sort of durability and style available at your fingertips you could easily transform your entire home with Indian Sheesham Wood pieces and ensure that you add a dash of Cuba Spice to your lives.