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Dinner Party

Posted on May 15, 2019

Dinner party

Good morning readers! I hope you are enjoying this glorious sun before it disappears for another year.

Today I have a dinner party planned for me and my friends to celebrate a birthday. I was sitting at my Cuba Dark 3 Drawer Desk thinking about how I can make my friends satisfied yet also excited. They always throw little get together and I really needed something to impress them. I remeber that they love my Cube Furniture Collection so I wanted to celebrate in my house, around my beautiful furnishings.

Then it suddenly sprang to mind like bullet, piercing my idea bubble. My Cube Natural 120cm Dining Table and 4 Leather Chairs has always been popular – so why not have a dinner party?

Hours of surfing online for different menus and recipes, appetizers and desserts. All these ideas were wind milling round my brain and I just couldn’t decide. I mean, you wouldn’t be able to either could you? Instead, I spoke to my friends and asked them what they thought, offering them all my cookbooks from the Natural Cube Large Square Bookcase.

Two days later and we are still no closer to any sort of meal plan or elaborate dinner. Time is running out, and something needs to be planned sooner rather than later. As I sashay down the supermarket aisle, a glistening packet of spaghetti sparkles out of the corner of my eye. That’s it! Spaghetti Bolognese is sophisticated yet traditional.

I have started making the deep red sauce, blending in herbs and wine from my Natural Cube Tall Wine Rack; I steam the spaghetti, making it swan gracefully around the pan in a seducing fashion. When my friends arrive I place the elegant pasta on the place, and slosh the Bolognese sauce around the crevices and dips. To finish it off, grated parmesan elongates around the centre of the dish, creating a masterpiece.

Me and my friends loved the dish and the party was successful! I hope you enjoyed this blog reader and that you even have yourself a dinner party.