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Emergency Sleep in Plan

Posted on April 18, 2018

Emergency Sleep In Plan

Good morning readers, I thought that today I would write a new article for our Cube Furniture site first thing in the morning.

This is because it’s a miracle that I am able to write this blog at this time as this morning, I actually slept in. Yes that dreaded ‘oh no look at the time’ moment as you scramble out of bed hoping that you don’t miss your bus.

Thankfully I have a plan ready for such days, and Cube Furniture is what makes it all possible.

So once I have managed to scramble, I need to make myself look somewhat presentable. Normally this entails a shower; however with only a few minutes before the bus arrived this was not viable. So I headed to my Cube Sideboard which in its top drawer contains my emergency toiletries, allowing me to freshen up in double quick time.

Next up I had to get ready, time was off the essence in this situation so it was time to head to my Cuba Sheesham Wardrobe, where I could grab my pre prepared work outfit which is there ready for just such an occasion.

So as I looked at the clock it felt like I was in one of those old arcade games, with the timer slowly ticking down to zero I rushed downstairs.

There was no time for breakfast, the bus would be here in mere moments so I grabbed the leftover change from yesterday out of my Cube Bookcase, grabbed my keys from the drawer housed in my Cube Sheesham Coffee Table and launched myself into the day.

Thankfully I caught my bus and now I am sat right here at my Cuba Sheesham Computer Desk able to type away thanks to the versatility and dependability of the Cube Furniture range.