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I Forgot My Lunch

Posted on June 9, 2017

I Forgot My Lunch

Good afternoon Cube Furniture blog readers, well I went and did it didn’t I, yes today when on the way to work I went and forgot my lunch.

‘It’s ok’ I though as I believed that I had a spare pot noodle rucked away within the Cuba Sideboard that I have within the office here. However as lunch approached I opened one of the Sheesham Wood Doors only to find that there was no pot noodle and that yes I had no lunch.

Now the obvious solution would have been to go and ask someone if they were heading up to Macdonald’s or something, simply standing up from my Cuba Desk and going and asking.

However for a number of reasons I simply did not have the time and as I saw the clock tick down to 12:30 it was time for lunch and the not so easy feeling of having nothing substantial to get me through the day.

However the great thing about the human race is our tenacious curiosity, and our ability to adapt to any number of situations.

And so it was as I sat at the Cube Dining Table feeling a little sorry for myself I came to realise that we had all ordered pizza in the office yesterday and there was so much of it that we kept some of it in the fridge.

So after this lightbulb moment I jumped up from the Cuba Sheesham Dining Table and there it was, an entire box with half a cheese pizza left in it.

So I figured that no one would miss this so I shoved it all in the microwave and saw the cheesy goodness boil over to the point where it seemed like the entire plate was cheese – yes we need a new microwave.

However as I sat down at the comfort of Cuba Sheesham Wood I was able to enjoy something that far surpassed my planned pot noodle; Now I have to explain where the pizza has gone, I think I may hide in the Cube Sheesham warehouse for a little while.