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I Miss The Summer!

Posted on January 30, 2019

Summer weather 2018

Hello guys and girls! How are you all today? The weather is absolutely horrible isn’t it? I believe that where I am it is -3 and that is ridiculous. I just wish that England was a warm country and that it is summer all the time. I miss the wonderful summer that we had last year. It was absolutely amazing wasn’t it? That must have been one of the warmest summers that we have had in a long time and that occupied by the world cup and every bodies good vibes just led to one of the best probably the best summer that I have ever encountered.

Well anyway enough of me having happy memories about the summer and back onto the topic of this blog Furniture. Did you know that Cube and Cuba are crafted out of the highest quality Sheesham wood? However there are other types of wood which are produced and sold. For example there is Mango and a great website for selling this is which sells excellent Mango furniture at a fair price.

Well anyway that has been todays Cube Furniture blog I hope that you have had a good time reading and that it has given you some nice flashbacks on what an amazing summer we had and how it has now just crashed down in a cold miserable winter. On another note have a look at some our furniture range such as the wonderful Natural Cube Large Square Bookcase and if you don’t see anything that you like here you can always check out the Dakota furniture link above and see if you like something out of there wonderful range as well. I hope that you all have had a great start to the day and that it only gets better as today goes on. Goodbye!