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International Break

Posted on October 15, 2018

Foorball with Flags on

Good morning readers, how’s everybody doing today? Hope you’re all doing well.

The weather isn’t getting any better is it? And it is only going to get colder now. It is absolutely horrible; in most cases it stops you from doing your hobbies (well in mine). My hobby is football and if you think I’m going to wake up early on a cold dark morning or go on an evening to go play you’d be mistaken. At least I thought I’d be able to watch the premier league or the championship on my television instead, which is rested on the Cube Light Open Media Unit, but I was wrong, it is the international break. This is where the highest leagues of football have around a fortnight where they can rest, unless they were called up to play for their respected national team.

To me, I find it boring I don’t think that the friendlies have a point and it just leaves a risk to the club that let them go as they could possibly get injured. Especially after the magical world cup and summer that we just had the little friendlies don’t mean anything. I’m not sure how but I think that the FA (football association) should try and change this, the whole nation should get excited for when England play just like we did at the world cup because everybody was in a good mood for the duration of the world cup, well until we got knocked out.

But anyway I wasn’t able to watch any of the best players play this weekend as they’re playing for their nations and they don’t even perform to the best of their abilities in these matches as everybody knows that the outcome of this match doesn’t matter to anybody. I find this disgusting as managers and players aren’t bothered about the result of the match so why would the fans like me be bothered. So every international break is around 2 weeks where I can’t watch any high quality football.