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Just a Little Something Extra

Posted on November 2, 2017

Juat a Little Something Extra

Hello there Cube Furniture blog readers, in a small update on office life I have just finished a wonderful tomato soup here at my Cube Sheesham Desk, while searching for blog inspiration. However with this particular soup I was treated to a batch of croutons to go with it, which made everything just seem complete.

It’s amazing to think that such a little edition can have such a big impact.

And this got me thinking about how this also applies to the world of Cube Sheesham Furniture.

Of course you have your showpiece items which are going to steal a lot of the spotlight, pieces such as the Cube Coffee Table and our Cube Bookcases being standouts within any living room or even a bedroom design.

However just by adding these pieces are not enough to make your dream room design feel complete. After all they may steal a lot of the spotlight, but soon you will start to feel that there is something missing from your design.

This is because even with elaborate designs such as the Cube Sheesham TV Unit, you will need that something extra in order to feel a complete experience.

So what could you consider a complimentary piece?

Well an example could be having a Cube Sheesham Coffee Table being complimented by a small Cuba Lamp Table, creating a flowing and functional room design.

Another example of a complimentary feature could be within the bedroom, with the large Cube Wardrobe talking the bulk of your home storage needs. However this can be complimented by a small Cuba Sheeham Blanket Box for additional storage for towels, linen and other bedroom essentials.

It literally is that little extra something which adds to the overall experience and makes your home design feel that bit more complete as a result.