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Let The Marathon Begin

Posted on October 27, 2016

Let The Marathon

Well everyone the new NBA season is underway over in America with as usual no publicity over here in the UK unless you can be bothered searching for it on the internet, regardless a new season has got underway with last year witnessing the end of an era with 3 big names retiring and the ever-present question of whether Golden States new super team take home the grand prize or will Cleveland manage to defend their title as Lebron James tries for a 7th consecutive finals.

However, the NBA season although intriguing and fun to watch every now and then while sitting in front of the Cube TV Unit or if like my you stream games on your laptop, to follow an entire season is something of a chore to be honest with you.

It seems to be a thing in American professional sports to have a much exposure as possible – what’s the problem with this you ask if you like watching it then more should not be a problem.

Well seeing as how I’m sat here at my Cube Computer desk right now I may as well explain the issue. The NBA regular season consists of 82 games a year as the teams compete for a playoff berth with the top 8 teams from the east and western conferences advance to a playoff with a chance of making it to the NBA finals and winning the championship.

The problem being that well it’s easy to lose interest mainly because the games themselves don’t really-count for anything other than the playoff spot with some berths being sewn up sometimes with 20 games to spare which sort of takes the edge off games that your watching with your friends knowing that this is merely a formality as you reach for your drink on the Cuba Coffee Table.

Then each of the teams must advance through the postseason itself with all 16 teams being matched up in a best of 7 series, advancing to a further best of 7, then to the conference finals again 7 games until only 2 teams are left for a finals showdown with you guessed it 7 Games.

To be honest after an 82-game regular season having to go through a possible 56 games in the first round alone, which can be exhausting as a fan at times.

To be honest saying this as a fan I am a proponent of shortening the season to around 64 games as by doing this it will certainly keep people glued to their Solid Wood TV Units as playoff sports are less likely to be sown up as quick as possible only have the finals as a best of 7 series to keep interest and spread out the season more reducing over saturation.