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Moon Landing Conspiracy!

Posted on November 20, 2018

Moon Landing

Good morning Readers hope you are all having a great day. Last night I was struggling to fall asleep all night due to the fact when I’m trying to get to sleep at night your brain can’t rest and constantly tries to think philosophical so I got up early this morning made myself a coffee which I put on the Natural Cube S Side Table and started thinking about conspiracies.

My personal favourite conspiracy is whether man landed on the moon or not. Many people believe that they didn’t land there but in fact they faked this to beat the Russians in the ‘Space Race’ and get the first man on the moon.

NASA is the only people who have the photos and videos of the Apollo missions so there is no independent verification that anybody had landed on the moon. People believe that there is evidence such as the American Flag having wind crease and there is no wind in space, whereas NASA has shut this claim down by saying it was when they twisted the pole to put it in the ground.

As well as this we can see other pieces of evidence that lead for people to believe that it was fake such as the rock that has ‘c’ carved intro it that could be a prop, as well as this the shadows from the photos they have taken are not parallel and if the sun is the only source of light this shouldn’t be the case. Then finally there is the main theory that astronauts simply shouldn’t have been able to survive the Van Allen belts and that they should have been fried.

Anyway I don’t know whether you believe in conspiracies or not especially this one, but I hope this one has opened your mind a little bit on that everything may not be what you believe.