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Secrets Out!

Posted on December 12, 2017

Cube Long 4 Drawer Media Unit

Well Cube Furniture readers the big day is only 2 weeks away now.

Yes with Christmas approaching here we here in the office are getting all festive. The tree is up, the decorations adorn our Solid Wood showroom and even our desks have the odd bits of tinsel draped over them.

However my eyes keep darting over to the Cube Sheesham Sideboard, where there lies a small box which is slowly filling with presents.

Yes this year the whole team is having a secret Santa, the fun being no one knows who has bought them what.

All presents are brought in and labels are printed off for them so no one can guess who it is.

The fun being is that you can literally end up with anything, from a bottle opener to maybe a new DVD to watch over Christmas at the Cube TV Unit.

Adding to the fun is that we can be having conversations with fellow colleagues, who might be dreading what they are getting.

I was talking with who my secret Santa is this year while having a cup of coffee at the Sheesham Dining Table, where we were talking and they said they bet they were going to receive a pair of socks or something along those lines.

I swear I had to keep the best poker face I ever had to have in my life , having to at moments hold my cup up in front of the smirk that I couldn’t help but have on my face.

Now before you think, no I have not bought this person a pair of socks but something that I do hope they will keep within their Cube Sideboard for many, many years.

So now the only question that remains is what will I be getting from my mystery person, after all last year I ended up with a Stormtrooper figure which was a lovely surprise.

So are any of you doing secret Santa.