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Seeking The Alternative

Posted on March 12, 2018

Cube Natural 5 Drawer Tall Boy

Good morning readers, how did everyone manage to get into work this morning? Unfortunately for those of you in the Birstall area it seems that the traffic had ground to a standstill.

This was especially vexing as I had decided to catch a supposedly faster bus to work this morning, and up until I hit Birstall I was fully on course to arrive early for work.

However as I was stuck in the traffic this got me thinking about how we will often go out of our way to seek an alternative to improve our daily lives.

One common example of this is the world of furniture design, as we will frequently swap out coffee tables, sideboards and bookcases. All of this is in the pursuit of seeking an alternative, be it for stylistic or practical purposes.

However have you ever had those moments when you see a design and just wish there would be a slight tweak here and there?

For instance say you visit our in house Sheesham Wood showroom, you may come across one of our Cube Sheesham TV Units.

You look upon its natural wood frame and fall in love with its vibrant light wood finish. However the only snag is its brushed steel handles, which don’t fit with your traditional wood furniture design.

What if there was an alternative in this range.

Thankfully we have the Cuba Sheesham Wood collection to meet that very need.

This collection features all the designs you will find in the Cube Furniture collection. This includes the same Sheesham based designs, along with all 3 of our wood finishes.

However each piece is unique thanks to matching Sheesham Wood handles, which are fitted as an alternative to their brushed steel counterparts.

This gives pieces such as the Cuba Sideboard and Cuba Desk a seamless natural look, ideal for those seeking an alternative for their modern furniture design.