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Tangled Up In Blue

Posted on October 13, 2016

Tangled Up In Blue

Well all of you Indian Sheesham Wood blog readers you may recall a blog that we wrote celebrating the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and their contributions to the world from politics to science and yes even literature.
So while researching for today’s Cube Furniture article it seems that the internet was buzzing about this year’s winner in the literature category, that person being Bob Dylan.

Yes that Bob Dylan the rock legend who’s timeless classics are still played out on the radio and on the vinyl record player that so many of you keep on your Cuba Sideboard playing out classics that include Tangled Up In Blue, Like A Rolling Stone and Blowing In The Wind being among only a snippet of his more influential works.
Sara Danius who is the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy who present the awards each year states that Dylan was “a great poet in the English speaking tradition”.

It is not hard to argue with this sentiment, in a career that is now at over 50 years Dylan began his career in the late 50’s (1959 to be exact) sticking close to his folk roots but developing a melodic and poetic song structure that took a more intellectual approach to song writing.

By the mid 60’s many will have heard his folk based poetry on the radio they kept in the Cuba Cabinet (assuming they had one), Dylan was ‘going electric’ which at the time proved very controversial to the point where he was literally booed while debuting the now regarded classic ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ but with classic albums being produced at this time that included Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde which many still hold deer to this day.

But I think the fact that he is still so revered to this day and subsequently has won this award is that he was part of one of the most revolutionary generations the world has ever seen, becoming a voice of the 60’s counterculture movement with his songs speaking on a time of great political unrest and social change that to this day still has an impact.

I know this is very brief but I would go on forever about this man and how he was arguably the voice of an entire generation and today is a living icon that continues to receive his dues for his impact not only as a musician, but as a writer, poet and icon figure that is one of the last links to a historic decade.

Congratulations Bob Dylan!