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The Magic Eraser

Posted on November 9, 2016

The Magic Eraser

Being the resident mad blogger of a Sheesham Furniture retailer, there is something that I see frequently and that is customers who have an indecisive look on their faces.

This of course is perfectly understandable given the nature of buying furniture as it’s a big investment and if it goes wrong you can’t just use the magic eraser to undo all that expense and effort.

Despite this the Cube Furniture range is often one of the safer stomping grounds for cautious customers over some of our more elaborate Indian Sheesham Wood ranges. The reason being that our Cube Furniture collection is one of the more versatile collections allowing customers to have that little bit of breathing room to experiment and hopefully end up with an elegant home furniture layout.

So, what is it that can be singled out as the definitive feature of this range that provides it with its popular diversity. Well for one there is the selection of finishes available. We have 3 of these in fact the vibrant and theatrical light wood finish, the rich and warming honey and the rugged and through provoking natural wood finish.

In addition is that the Cube Range is a 2-sided coin. Take a Cube Coffee Table for instance, each unit comes with drawers that are available with brushed steel handles as standard with the Cube Furniture collection but also with natural wood handles as well forming the Cuba Coffee Table.

This offers both a blend of modernist and traditional furniture design with the Cube Coffee Table bit also a more traditional stance with the Cuba variation.

It’s this sort of versatility which allows our showroom visitors to ease into their comfort zone and really visualise what the furniture would be like in their home with a clear head without thinking about the need for a magic eraser.