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The Right Note

Posted on February 21, 2018

The Right Note

Good morning readers, hopefully your Wednesday morning commute went smoothly. However sometimes this is not the case and more often than not, you find yourself stuck in traffic, missing the bus or whatever other horrors that can and often will happen on the way to work.

However rather than carrying that feeling of stress and sometimes uncontrollable rage into work, it is always good to have a means of calming your soul and getting ready for the day ahead.

Some of you may get a cup of coffee and sit at the Cube Sheesham Dining Table to unwind, get yourself a quick snack, or chat to your co-workers.

Myself I love to play one of my go to music playlists that I have online and just let loose.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a piece of music can change the mood so quickly within a small space of time. What’s especially amazing is how often this can happen in the same song, with just a simple change of note changing the context and feel of a piece of music.

An example could be listening to a soothing piece of music providing a tranquil and peaceful feeling, only for a change in note which emphasises discovery and the presence of something new or unexpected.

Because of this it is unsurprising that it can life the mood and somewhat reinvigorate your creative spirts.

In a way furniture can do the same thing. If everything looks the same, things can get monotonous and predictable. Yet simply by changing a single piece, such as swapping out your coffee table with one of our Cube Coffee Tables, you change the atmosphere of the room.

Its this simple note change which can transform a room from mundane to spectacular, especially with natural wood pieces such as the Cube Sheesham TV Unit. See with natural wood, each piece features a unique wood grain finish; therefore each individual piece carries a different note.

However no matter which piece you go for, like my playlist our Cube Sheesham Furniture will be sure to hit the right note.