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It’s almost here!

Posted on July 6, 2018

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Morning fellow readers, what another beautiful day we are having here in the United Kingdom. I thought today’s blog could be all about movies coming out that we have been waiting a long time for.

Let’s discuss the first one, The Incredibles. That’s right, this is has been one of the most anticipated movies of what I would say all time, ever since you sat down and watched it at your Cuba TV Unit. If you can’t remember the final scene then allow me to help you out, a mole type figure dug-up from the ground screaming out loud declaring himself as the ‘underminer’. Just writing this is giving me goose bumps for the next movie to arrive, isn’t it you?

Not to mention another huge storyline is going to be gracing the cinema screens too with Mamma Mia 2! That’s right; the sudden rush of nostalgia won’t be anymore with the new movies soon to be here. Personally for me it’s a sigh of relief that these movies are making their way back out, as I don’t think that I could have held in my discomfort of not finding out what happened after the cliff-hangers they left us on.

So as the day approaches vastly all of those memories of watching it for the first time at my Cuba TV Unit are coming back clearer each day. As you probably can tell I’m definitely looking forward to both of the release dates and I’m probably guessing so are you!

Well, as today’s blog comes to an end I know that I  will be going straight to my Cube Desk and watching the movie trailers a few times more, just to build up the thrill. Anyway, I will see you all tomorrow for the next daily blog here at Cube Furniture.