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Time goes by so quick!

Posted on August 24, 2018

Analog clock mounted on a silver wall.

Afternoon readers, Friday has finally arrived! Who’s got that Friday feeling going on? Today’s topic which is all about how quick time goes by!

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was learning on how to ride a bicycle and well now, I’m able to take my driving test. In figures the time scale is a huge difference, however it doesn’t feel like It’s been that long. Who else agrees with me?

So much for the song ‘Time goes so slowly’ right? It’s amazing how things can change so drastically in just a couple of minutes never mind years. Who would have ever thought that just a few years ago the very first mobile IPhone was released and now we are on the IPhone X; as you can see everything is growing at an increasing rate.

I must have gone through about 5-6 TVs’ on my Cube TV Unit due to the main fact of me wanting the latest piece of technology, even if it was just a very slight change in the screen resolution. Somehow businesses’ have installed into us we need the latest of everything and their marketing has definitely worked which is a whole new topic by itself.

Well, with time going by so quick its almost time to head out and do the Christmas shopping again. Oh, the joys of trying to find something that the person you are buying for doesn’t already have what you may be getting them. If you are an adult you will understand what I mean and if you aren’t you soon will.

Anyway, on that note I shall see you all here at Cube Furniture on Monday for the next daily blog. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having.