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Turn Down The Volume!

Posted on May 18, 2017

Turn Down The Volume

Sound is such a wonderful thing isn’t it, something that we often take for granted in our everyday lives; having such a sense of what’s going on around us that we often overlook all those charming moments such as raindrops on the window bottom or the birds chirping in the trees.

However despite these moments of sensory bliss there are moments when you just wish that you could turn down your internal volume a bit whether its noisy roadworks, neighbours DIY projects, noisy animals or maybe just that one person who doesn’t seem to have a filter; having the ability to escape and turn the volume down a bit is a good way of keeping yourself sane.

However thankfully there is always a way for us to escape and embrace the natural ambiance causing us to sink into a relaxing state of mind that is difficult to define.

One such method of turning down the volume would be to head to the kitchen right now and pop the kettle on, make yourself a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and head to your couch. The take a sip, place your mug down on the Cube Coffee Table and lie back and breath, knowing that for a few moments, at least until the phone rings you will be in nirvana.

Another way of turning down the volume is to focus entirely on a task that you’re doing, be it myself writing this blog at a surprisingly comfortable Cuba Computer Desk or heading to your bedroom and perhaps reading a book or maybe playing a video game, as a means of shutting off the noisy world around you as you escape on your Cuba Sheesham Bed or in front of the Cube TV Unit.

Of course how you chose to turn down the volume is totally up to you, with each of us all having our own means of chilling out and taking a breather from the hectic environments that we often find ourselves in.