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VW T2 Update

Posted on October 23, 2018

Volkswagen Badge

Good morning readers, this weekend has been a rollercoaster hasn’t it? With the weather unable to decide on how it’s going to feel, as one moment it’s like the Antarctic and the next it’s the dessert. Anyway, it’s all a part of living in the gorgeous Great Britain I suppose.

So on to today’s blog which is a quick update for you all on my Volkswagen T2 Campervan. The project restoration is coming along nicely with now the sliding door fitted on perfectly with it sliding up and down on the rollers smoothly with no issues occurring. However, the door doesn’t lock just yet with the mechanism being too seized.

But thanks to the online shops I’ve managed to find the perfect part which isn’t seized. What would we do without the internet? Struggle to cope I believe. After so much searching sat at my Dining Table I believe around of applause is due.

Do you have any projects on going? If you don’t I highly recommended that you considering taking one on, whether it be a new vehicle or old. When bringing back an old classic vw t2 campervan for me it has been an amazing experience with it not just gifting knowledge on mechanics and bodywork but also how to work well as a team to reach that final goal.

When the campervan has been completely finished, I think a visit to Cornwall would be in order. Traveling the country roads and spending a few nights at Cornwall really does sound like a brilliant way to spend my time after what will have been a lot of hard work on the campervan.

Monday is almost over, meaning today’s blog is coming to an end. Enjoy the remaining of your evening and I shall see you all back here again at Rattan Dining Chairs tomorrow for the next daily blog.